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Current trends in pharma sector  are favoring delicate medicines like biopharmaceuticals, probiotics and preservative free preparations. These require strict  temperature control while in storage and during the shipping process. In most cases, the slightest fluctuation of temperature outside  the pre-defined optimal range, may critically damage the quality of the medicine. Therefore, the temeprature controlled storage and shipping are becoming vital for the efficacy of the medicine. This is a difficult and challenging task for cold chain facilitators. But the temperature should certainly be controlled from pharmacy to the patient and during curing period as well. Studies by relevant parties realize breaks in the cold chain mainly at the last stages of journey : from the wholesaler/distributor to the hospital/pharmacies, from pharmacies to the patient and during curing (especially when medicine has to be used on go, out of home.     

MedShell is a secondary packaging which offers the temperature control to these last miles of the journey. It is a joined development of Argo with Mediline (a Greek company active in technolgically advanced  isothermal solutions). It is dedicated to pharmaceuticals which must   be preserved cold, between 2° and 8°C.                                                                                                           From our experience, temperature-controlled packaging for shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals to the end users most frequently includes various insulated containers including polystyrene, polyurethane, vacuum panels and aerogel and a phase change material (PCM; also called gels) to manipulate and maintain the temperature. PCMs or gel packs change temperature quickly from the preconditioned temperature to the phase change temperature, then more slowly as they phase from solid to liquid or vice versa.

MedShell combines three different isothermal materials : EPS , a water based PCM with temperature change point 0°C and , a wax based PCM with temperature change point 5°C

 providing :

-strict temperature control between 2° and 8°C  for  8h in average ambient temperature 35°C

- use for multiple trips, provided that the internal core will be re-cooled  even in a common home ampliance.

- portability. The convenient purse,which holds the whole system can be also provided printed for specific promotional reasons.

- ideal protection from mishandling which could break the primary packaging during journey.

The dimensions of MedShell can easily be adjusted to hold one or  multiple  definite products