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Venting caps

Venting caps

Packaging distortion is quite common problem for some product categories. The container is deformed due significant difference between the pressure inside the container and the pressure of surrounding environment:
Certain active formulas create gas, which is captured in the container and caused container to bloat/swell. In other cases the product in the container consumes oxygen from headspace and this leads to paneling. In both cases changes in altitude (and therefore change in surrounding pressure) and temperature can catalyze this activity.

In ARGO, we have worked on this issue even since 80s, proposing various solutions depending on the cause. These include container reinforcement by proper polymer grades, by advanced design, by weight increase, by wall thickness control on sensitive areas or venting closures.

Our new proposal refers to venting closures. First applications presented at closure models Agrochem 50 and Agrochem 50VTE. These Argo standard closures are offered with vented induction sealing liners. The liners allow via a hole on them and the bottle thread, air movement between inside of the bottle and the outside environment. As a result, the container is breathing and by this swelling or paneling of the bottle is eliminated.