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Bottles Agrochem 50

Bottles Agrochem 50

 The Agrochem 50  bottles are offered in different versions concerning material synthesis and colour choice : a) single layer made of HDPE  b) multilayer (coex)  made of  HDPE/A/PA  or if required HDPE/A/EVOH.

The bottles are combined wth our standard closure 50.

ArticleOverflow Capacity (ml) Height (mm)Diameter (mm)
Bottle Agrochem 50 _250ml31012662.5
Bottle Agrochem 50 _500ml57518669
Bottle Agrochem 50 _750ml 100520489.5
Bottle Agrochem 50 _1000ml120023488.5

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Bottles Agrochem 50
Closure 50

Dosing Systems

Bottles Agrochem 50
Dosing Spoon FR 8


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