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Jars M

Jars M

The Jars M are made of HDPE in white or other customized colours.

They fit with M closures (tear-off band), which are snap-on, flip-top and tamper evident. The 60ml is combined with closure M31.5, the 80ml with M35, the 100ml & 150ml with M43, the 250ml with M60, the 500ml and 1000ml with M80.


ArticleOverflow Capacity (ml) Height (mm)Diameter (mm)
Jar M-60ML666740.3
Jar  M-80ML9377.345
Jar  M-100ML13882.551
Jar M-150ML16497,851
Jar  M-250ML30693.770
Jar M-500ml 61096100
Jar M-1000ml 1058156100

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