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The range of manufacturing technologies employed includes:

Extrusion Blow Moulding

Bottles, canisters, containers, ice packs made of PE and PP.

Co-extrusion Blow Moulding

Multilayer bottles and canisters from 2 up to 6 layers. Different grades of PE, PP, EVOH, PA are combined in various material construction models for diverse applications.

      Injection Blow Moulding  
Bottles, vials and containers made of PE and PP
           Injection Stretch Blow Molding 
Bottles and containers made of PET
      Injection Moulding  
      Closures, containers, dosing systems,baits made of PE, PP, PS
-         Plastic Tube production for Packaging 
       Collapsible tubes made of various PE grades
 Printing and labelling  
 - Flexography, Dry-offset, Silk screen, Metalic foil for tubes decoration
 - Silk screen and labelling for bottles
 Various assembling lines for multicomponent closures and other devices